Modular Genius has supplied a countless number of portable buildings to accommodate many different space requirements in public and private industry. If you need a quick, cost-effective and flexible solution for adding temporary or permanent space, consider a company that can design, engineer, manufacture and install modular buildings for:

  • Sales/administrative offices
  • Construction site offices
  • Work camps
  • Bunkhouses
  • Guard houses
  • Classrooms and training rooms
  • Computer labs
  • Media Centers
  • Daycare centers
  • Libraries and bookstores
  • Dining facilities
  • Dormitories
  • Laundry facilities
  • Recreation halls
  • Teacher lounges
  • Special event halls
  • …and much more

Nearly every industry – construction, commercial, industrial, institutional, hospitality, healthcare, government – has the need for additional space from time to time, but they have tight budgets and deadlines to meet. Innovative prefabricated buildings can provide a quick solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional construction. They can be used anywhere temporary space is required, but can also be used for long-term or permanent space. From ready-to-roll buildings to fully customized modular building solutions, Modular Genius can solve your space problems.

Portable Buildings

Adding extra space the conventional way can be a time-consuming and expensive project. Poor weather conditions wreak havoc on construction schedules, and noise, dust and debris on the building site can be very disruptive; not to mention the sometimes prohibitive expense.  Modular structures, on the other hand, can be designed and delivered 40% faster than traditional design-bid-build construction and more cost-effectively, while meeting the same building code requirements as traditional methods.

Factory-made modules are designed, engineered, fabricated and transported to your site for assembly to create additional space in a very short time. Any required foundations and site preparation (e.g., utilities, if any) can be performed at the same time the modules are being built to save time and meet your occupancy deadlines. Mobile trailers and buildings can be built to suit any conceivable purpose, and can be quickly moved and repurposed, or completely eliminated when no longer needed.

Most of us are familiar with the portable cabins and mobile offices used by contractors for job site project management. However, another popular application is modular work camps. They are typically composed of sleeping quarters, kitchens, dining facilities and showers, and are most often used for firefighting crews, oilfield and mining “man camps” and for temporary military housing in remote locations.  Modular work camps have many options as far as designs and floor plans are concerned, are available with and without restrooms, and can be installed in a matter of weeks at a prepared site to house anywhere from 20 to 1,000 workers.

If you are a public or private educator or corporate trainer and need fast, flexible teaching space, consider mobile classrooms and modular training facilities. Manage your construction costs without sacrificing quality, and fill the need for valuable teaching space, from a single classroom to an entire campus. If your budget won’t permit you to consider new construction, conventional or modular, don’t overlook used modular classrooms which are available for immediate delivery from Modular Genius. They come in a wide variety of dimensions, square footage of under 1,000 square feet to more than 20,000 square feet, a variety of siding options, roofing materials, and wall and floor finishes, and they are priced to give you substantial savings.

With facilities throughout the United States, Modular Genius builds modular structures at a facility as close as possible to your site to help you meet strict deadlines. They offer a wide selection of permanent and portable buildings, and their experienced, customer-focused team of engineers and technicians will help turn your space needs into a reality.