What is the first thing that springs to mind when you think of prefabricated office buildings?

Drafty trailers that roll around on axles and wheels, or boxy, flimsy and uninviting temporary workspaces?

Think again – Those days are long gone.

Prefab buildings utilize the same high-quality materials, meet the same building codes and are subject to the same stringent inspections as conventional buildings, but over 80% of the structure is completed off-site and delivered in sections to the prepared site for assembly.

Prefabricated Office Buildings

Here are five good reasons to consider building modular.

1. Your Prefab Building Doesn’t Have to Look Like a Trailer

Today’s state-of-the-art design and construction technologies enable companies to build modular offices that are both functional and attractive, and blend seamlessly into their surroundings.  Customers have countless choices for exterior and interior designs and floor plans.  Impressive entrances can be integrated along with customized rooflines, canopies, porticos and window/door treatments.  Single and multi-story designs can be designed to suit any conceivable purpose, with exterior finishes such as brick, stucco, siding and other architectural surfaces. The design options are virtually unlimited, and the finished structure is difficult to differentiate from a conventionally built building.

2. Modular Office Buildings are Flexible

Another important feature of modular buildings is their flexibility.  Modules can stand on their own as individual buildings or can be put together to create larger structures. While you may be familiar with one-story buildings, such as portable office buildings on construction sites, they can also be multi-story structures in excess of 100,000 SF, complete with elevators.  Customers can easily add on modules to expand office space and solve the dilemma of changing business needs. And portable office buildings can be easily moved to another location when necessary, an option that is obviously not available with traditional stick-built structures.

3. Prefab Office Buildings Equate to Faster Turnaround Time

The major difference between a modular office building and a conventional stick-built office building is the way it’s constructed.  Significant time savings occur because the prefabricated modules are being built in a factory at the same time that construction site preparations (foundation and grading) are underway. Plumbing and electrical wiring are pre-installed, and quality control inspections are completed before the modules are delivered to the site when they are about 80% to 90% complete. Factory manufacturing is also unaffected by weather and construction site delays. Customers can generally occupy a modular building about 50% sooner than a conventional building, which translates to faster profitability.

4. Build Modular and Lower Your Costs

If you think about factory-assembled components like pre-hung cabinets, windows and doors, builders have been using modular techniques for decades to speed up construction and reduce costs. Building, pre-wiring and rough plumbing 80% of a modular structure in a factory environment cuts down on the need for multiple subcontractors on the jobsite.  There is also no weather damage of materials (wasted cost). Modular Genius in Maryland provides complete turn-key services and can serve as general contractor for all aspects of the modular construction process from initial drawings to final landscaping and signage.

5. Modular Construction Is Environmentally Friendly

New modular units are often built with recycled steel, making them strong, fire-resistant and mold-resistant, and are LEED-certified. Factory production results in better productivity, less energy and water use, and eliminates dust, debris and noise on the construction site. In addition, customers can choose from a variety of green elements to enhance the indoor air quality and environmental friendliness of their structures, such as energy-efficient utilities, eco-friendly insulation, no-VOC or low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) interior wall and floor treatments, or efficient automatic sensors for lights and heating systems.

Whether you need a one-agent real estate office or a sophisticated multi-story office building, Modular Genius can deliver durable, modern prefabricated office buildings throughout the U.S. for every imaginable application. Contact them at (888) 420-1113 to discuss your needs and get started on a new temporary or permanent space solution.